We are very much looking forward to 2016, which will see us deliver an exciting programme of events, all which are free and open to all (children must be accompanied by an adult). Please note that the following dates are for guidance only and may be subject to change.

Project events will be added to the calendar (below) as and when details become available. Click on individual events to find out more. Alternatively, sign up to receive blog posts by email (in the right sidebar), so that details of upcoming events will whizz straight into your inbox. Please contact us for more information on any of the opportunities for involvement shown below.

23rd April – 8th May: Community Excavations of the Glebe Field. Click HERE to sign up.

30th April: Aberlady Angles Open Day- site tours, artefacts to handle, see the excavations and the chance to ask the archaeologists any questions.

2nd May: Aberlady Angles Family Fun Day- Activities for all ages- childrens’ craft activities, find some artefacts in our simulation excavation pit, site tours and much more!

April, May & June 2016: a range of hands-on, on- and off-site workshops covering a wide range of interrelated topics, from artefact analysis and soil science to the music and poetry of early historic Britain.

June 2016: public lecture, ‘What Did we Find?’, with archaeologists Lindsay Dunbar and Andy Heald of AOC Archaeology Group

29th October 2016: Anglo-Saxon Feast: Click here to book your ticket

Date TBC 2016: closing public lecture, ‘The Sum of All its Parts’, with Andy Heald and wider team from AOC Archaeology Group

We are also consulting with local schools about their programme of involvement, and will continue to do so throughout. Schools engagement will comprise both on-site and classroom-based workshops, CLPL sessions for teachers, and a music school delivered in association with Lamp House Music, Haddington. An education resource for teachers will be created following the excavations.

If you would like to book onto any events listed in the calendar, please use our form below to get in touch with the team straight away.