Aberlady Angles Torchlit Procession and Feast: Reflections and Thanks!

We have all had a few days to recover from the festivities of last Saturday, and what a wonderful Saturday we all had in Aberlady!

Our Torchlit Procession wound its way through the streets, lit by fire and brightly coloured glowsticks, to the sound of various instruments such as drums and trumpets.

Feast-goers were welcomed to the Feast Hall of Aberlady, entering through the gates of our very own timber hall which was decorated with Anglo-Saxon tapestries around a central hearth. We heard about the project so far from AOC Archaeology’s Dr. Andy Heald, including what we found during our community excavation. We were then treated to the historical context of Aberlady, and shining lights and suggestions as to what this evidence might mean for Aberlady by Dr. Alex Woolf– could this be the missing Pefferham, mentioned in Anglo-Saxon texts but not yet found on a modern map?

It was then the turn of the rockstars of the Can You Dig It? project to take the stage. This project was run in partnership with Lamp House Music, where a group of children worked over their school holidays to form bands to write and record original songs based on the themes of Anglo-Saxon Epic Poems such as Beowulf. The Grendels and The Rampaging Rockstars gave us incredible debut performances of their original songs, before being presented with their CDs, printed with labels of their own design. This was a fantastic way to celebrate the Aberlady Angles, combining archaeology, music and efforts and enthusiasm for the fantastic community of Aberlady.

It was then time to feast, and guests were able to dine in true Anglo-Saxon style- with a hog roast! Music accompanied the feast, and the air was filled with discussions, excitement and enthusiasm about Aberlady and its place in history.

A selection of photos from our #AbAngles

Post excavation work is still ongoing, but we will present the results of the Aberlady Angles project at a lecture in the near future. Keep an eye out on the blog for a date for this.

Aberlady Conservation and History Society would like to thank Thistly Cross, Belhaven Brewery, Knops and Glenmorangie for their supply of beverages, which added greatly to the festivities.

We would also like to thank Oink! for the hog roast, Aberlady Primary School for their wonderful Anglo-Saxon tapestries and Gordon, Christine and their whole team of friends and local volunteers for their hard work and creativity in transforming the Kirk Stables into an Anglo-Saxon Timber Hall.


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