Timber Halls and Illuminated Letters: Aberlady Angles enters the Classroom

Since the end of the community excavations, the story of the Aberlady Angles have been further told in schools across the area. In total we have visited four schools, and have worked with almost 200 pupils in our in-school workshops, part of the Aberlady Angles school programme.

Children have been shown images of our excavation finds and updates of our progress. They have also had the opportunity to learn about Anglo-Saxon village life and the different roles of Anglo-Saxon villagers before having the chance to create Anglo-Saxon illuminated letters or model timber halls.

Some groups examined the symbols found on the Aberlady Cross and Lindisfarne Gospels, as well as exploring why Lindisfarne was so significant in the Early Medieval period. We learned about the process of making these letters- from the production of the parchment to the dying and colouring of these beautiful letters before making our own personal and decorated illuminated letters.

Other groups were offered the chance to make small Anglo-Saxon ‘Timber Halls’. We explored the methods of producing the different elements of the structures (posts and postholes, wattle and daub, roofing) as well as looking at how we would identify a Timber Hall archaeologically. Pupils then worked in groups to create their own timber halls with posts and ‘wattle’.

The school workshops have been a huge success, and Aberlady Angles would like to thank all of the staff and pupils from our various schools for participating in our schools programme.

If you would like to find out more about the project, or the findings of our excavation, please come along to our ‘What Did We Find?’ talk on 14th June 2016, 7:30pm at the Aberlady Parish Church.

One thought on “Timber Halls and Illuminated Letters: Aberlady Angles enters the Classroom

  1. Fascinating! Was the culture Anglo-Saxon in style or were the people who lived there and worked there originally from the continent or from what we now refer to as England? We’re these the same Angles who were said to have been defeated by Scots and Picts in the Battle of Athelstaneford?


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