What Did We Find?

Our two week excavations of the Glebe Field are now over. Aberlady Conservation and History Society are absolutely delighted and incredibly excited by the archaeology we have managed to uncover, as well as humbled by the huge level of community involvement- whether through volunteering, visiting the site or support for our schools programme. Over the course of the excavation we had over 1000 volunteer hours given, over 200 visitors and 300 school children visiting- and we would like to thank every person who came along (whether for days, or a couple of hours).

I’m sure many of you are excited to find what happens next in the project. The project carries on until November, with a mixture of lectures, talks, school workshops and culminating in an Anglo Saxon Feast in Aberlady.


Aberlady_Angles_June 2016 Prelimresults _talk_poster


‘What Did We Find?’, our preliminary results talk for the project will take place on Tuesday 14th June at 7:30pm in the Parish Church, Aberlady. Please note the change in usual venue. We would love to see you there as we explore and share our discoveries and the current theories surrounding them. We still have much work to do, in terms of post-excavation and analysis work, but this will be a great opportunity to hear all about the archaeology of the Glebe Field. The talk will be delivered by Dr. Andy Heald and introduced by Ian Malcolm (chair of the Aberlady Conservation and History Society).

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