Schools Steering Group’s First Meeting

One of the central aims of Aberlady Angles is to engage with local young people through the delivery of an innovative, inclusive and meaningful schools outreach programme. Yesterday, ACHS’s Ian Malcolm and AOC’s Andy Heald and Charlotte Douglas met with staff from each of the five schools that we’ll be working with during the project. Callum Maguire of Lamp House Music was also with us, giving details of the innovative music programme that will be delivered in schools and at their recording studio as part of Aberlady Angles. We discussed the proposed programme and teachers offered lots of helpful advice and guidance on how to make sure that the activities on offer will meet the needs of both pupils and staff. We can now move forward with getting more concrete plans in place for the coming months. Many thanks to all schools steering group members for coming out to Aberlady on a cold afternoon after a long day in the classroom!

A rather full staff room at Aberlady Primary School
A rather full staff room at Aberlady Primary School

Thanks are due in particular to Pamela Currie, head teacher at Aberlady Primary School, who has been our primary point of contact and has offered much guidance in the development of the schools programme. Thank you, Pam, for communicating with the other schools on our behalf, and for hosting the meeting – and for the lovely cups of tea, biscuits and chocolates, of course!

We will be releasing details shortly of the next talk, which takes place in Aberlady next month, so we look forward to seeing you soon.

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